First Foods Fundamentals - A Free 5 Day Course in Weaning Well


First Foods Fundamentals

Are you getting ready to introduce solids to your baby? Do I have a treat for you! Sign up to this FREE 5-day baby-led weaning course, and you'll learn about:

  • Why baby-led weaning can offer benefits beyond spoon feeding purees
  • The mindset you need to master this weaning method, with a printable to keep you focused
  • How to give babies the nutrients they need beyond 6 months (with a free downloadable guide!)
  • The REAL signs of readiness for first foods - and all about that fabled "window of opportunity"
  • Getting started with BLW and answers to your hesitations and worries

You'll learn way more than the typical foods to feed and recipes to try. FFF focuses on how to help you guide your baby as they form a healthy relationship with eating and the building blocks of nutrition you need to know to nourish your growing baby.

Begin your first foods journey now! You'll get an email every day, for five days, and you'll 'graduate' First Foods Fundamentals feeling confident about introducing solids to your baby and ready to handle any mealtime challenges to come.