First foods, made easy. 

Your step-by-step course to building a happy, healthy and confidently eating baby - from day one!

Let's Eat will teach you how to help your baby find their life-long love of food - and build healthy habits for their future. We'll show you the simple, stress-free way to baby-led weaning.

  • Get started with baby-led weaning, step-by-step
  • Discover what food to offer baby when - and what to avoid
  • Get inspired with age-appropriate meal ideas
  • Build habits to avoid picky eating - from day one!
Let's Eat - Baby Led Weaning Video Course package

Skip the mush! Feed baby real food. 

Scared of choking? Confused about what foods to introduce when? Weaning doesn’t have to be a stress. You don’t need to feel nervous, unprepared or overwhelmed by all the details. You CAN help baby become a little gourmet - a confident, healthy and happy eater. 

And you can do it the stress-free way: NO cooking different meals for every member of the family; NO pureeing pots of mush; NO forming unhealthy habits that will turn your babe into a picky eater. 

Watch as your little one joins in at family meals, scoffing fist fulls of wholesome, nutritious foods!

Ready to help your little one become a happy, healthy, confident eater?

9 Learning Modules. 8 Printable Downloads. Exclusive First Foods Support Group. All online so you can access anywhere, at any time!  

Let's Eat is packed with everything you need to know to give your baby a nutritious start to solid foods with baby-led weaning. And it's super convenient for busy parents, with self-serve, self-paced lessons, accessible on any device. You can even brush up on lessons while baby eats! Here's what you'll get:

9 video lesson modules break down baby-led weaning in the simplest terms that make introducing first foods a snap.

8 helpful printable downloads help you take key learnings into your kitchen and use them on-the-go, providing inspiration for those I-have-no-idea-what-to-do moments.

Exclusive online first foods support group so you can ask questions and share experiences.

A better way to wean

Let's Eat will guide you with the baby-led weaning method: simply letting your baby feed themselves as you introduce solids into their diet. Baby learns about food at their own pace and decides how much and even how to eat. BLW focuses on sharing family foods rather than mushy purees. This means no spoon feeding, rewarding, or pleading for ‘one more bite’. There are so many benefits to this approach:

Baby Led Weaning Benefits: Less stress for you and baby


Why steam and puree on top of what you're making for the rest of the family for dinner? And let's face it, pleading with baby to take another bite at every meal does take a toll on your patience. BLW lets you focus on choosing and preparing food for the whole family, and lets baby focus on the feeding. 

Baby Led Weaning Benefits: More Developmental Fun


All of the tastes, textures, smells and sights of food are there for your baby to explore with their little hands, mouth, tongue and teeth (or gums!). Baby can build on their sensory development while they get to know foods in all their forms.  

Baby Led Weaning Benefits: Brave Little Tastebuds


Introducing a wide variety of flavours and textures can set your little one up for adventurous eating. With BLW, variety is the name of the game - even spice, garlic and bitter green veg! While 'fussy' phases are unavoidable, most babes will return to the flavours of their first foods.  

Baby Led Weaning Benefits: A Focus on Family Meal Tim


Encouraging baby to tuck in with family meal time builds the association of meal time as an opportunity for social bonding, another healthy habit to build. They will also take cues from the rest of the family: table manners, conversation, eating habits and routines. So model your best :)  

Baby Led Weaning Benefits: A Healthy Relationship with Food


A shocking 20% of 2-11 year olds are considered obese. Letting little ones decide when they are hungry and when they are full can build their own sense of appetite control.

Baby Led Weaning Benefits: Build Baby's Confidence


Letting baby lead develops their budding independence and confidence. Cajoling baby into 'one more bite' is not only tiring for parents, but also teaches baby that they don't understand their own hunger. BLW trusts that baby can guide parents on their food needs.  

Your questions, answered. 

Check out our frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question here, get in touch for a quick response!

You set the pace that works for you. Because the course is online, you can access all the materials instantly, and come back to them at any time.

You have life-time access to all the course materials. If you need to brush up at any point, the lessons are there for a refresh!

That's me, Brandy Ann from Little Gourmet. Maybe like you, I was completely overwhelmed by how to introduce first foods to my Wee Man. It was really important to me to help my baby build adventurous taste buds, a nutritious diet to power his development, and a healthy relationship with food - from day one!

(Personally, I had a terrible relationship with food in my youth, and even into young adulthood - from overeating to sugar addiction and emotional eating, I've been there and suffered the health consequences. I certainly didn't want the same for my little one.)

After Wee Man was born, I spent his first year completely obsessed with learning about nutrition for infants, weaning methods, complementary feeding, and all the social and developmental benefits that could come with the right approach to eating. The mindset shift behind baby-led weaning was a complete light bulb moment for me and Wee Man. Focusing on family foods and nutrition also helped me sort out my own issues with eating, as our family began to share foods that were suitable for everyone. I remain super passionate (ok, borderline evangelical!) about the BLW approach, and I want to share what I learned with parents everywhere.

Yes! We hear from many parents who have been left overwhelmed by the book, or underwhelmed by hour-long classes held by childcare organisations. This course addresses how to do baby-led weaning, and so much more: troubleshooting mealtime behaviours, building balanced meals, family meal planning, and more.

The course has 9 modules, all of which are about 1 hour long. You can pace the course and complete lessons in any order you like. You can also stop and come back at any time - even for those 3am moments you spend on your mobile while trying to get baby to sleep!

Some of it, sure! I spent 6 months compiling all the materials for the course. If you have the same amount of time to dedicate, I'm sure you could do that too. But I hope that I've laid everything out in an easy-to-learn, digestible way that makes learning easy and convenient.

Current guidelines tell us that we should wait until around 6 months to introduce complementary foods (we'll cover all the signs of readiness in the course!). However, it's a perfect time for parents to begin learning and preparing to introduce solids, so they don't miss the window of opportunity when baby is ready.

It's definitely not too late! Even if baby has been following a 'traditional' weaning method, it's never too late to introduce new skills and new flavours.

The information shared in Let's Eat is provided for parents of healthy babies without a family history of allergies. If you have a particular health concern, it's best to speak to your healthcare professional so you can modify the information in this course to suit your baby's unique needs.

Typical classes run between $30-$80 for two hours of time, in a group setting. Let's Eat provides over 9 hours of learning and 8 helpful printables that you can access anytime, anywhere. Compared to a series of private appointments with a nutritionist or coach, Let's Eat offers huge savings. You'll find tremendous value in the course.

Once you hit buy now and enter your payment details, you'll get a confirmation email from our course platform asking you to create an account. Login and you'll have instant access to all the course materials. You can come back any time, from your mobile, desktop or tablet. You'll also get helpful emails from me to keep you on track, and instant access to the parent support group so you can ask questions and share your experiences.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Just let us know within 15 days. Read our refund policy for full details.

Why introduce foods with Let's Eat?

Through our courses and guides, Little Gourmet has helped over 2,000 parents introduce first foods to their babies.

We know parenting can be overwhelming. And introducing solid foods is a big milestone for your baby. You want to do it safely, at the right time, and set the right habits from the beginning. But conflicting advice from your mother-in-law, your healthcare professional, your childcare can leave you confused. 

Let's Eat takes the confusion out of weaning and presents you with what you need to know - based on research and current guidelines from national and international health bodies - so you've got everything you need to move forward with confidence. YOU GOT THIS!


Ready for stress-free first foods? Let's Eat!

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